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3 december 2022 at 12:28

In our house one breathes like in a pine forest...

Eco-friendliness is one of the main features of houses made of glued laminated timber.

What does a brick and concrete house smell like after construction? Dampness or dust, finishing materials. It needs to be vented immediately. But go into a wooden house and you will immediately feel the aroma that lasts for a year, two, five and even ten years. However, the natural smell remains only if the right building materials are chosen.

Environmental friendliness of houses from glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber is a building material of a new generation. The technology for the manufacture of glued beams arose in the process of searching for the elimination of the shortcomings that traditional wooden log cabins had. The result is a material that has all the advantages of natural wood, and got rid of its imperfections due to technological innovations. And modern architectural solutions, so harmoniously combining wood and stone, glass and metal, raise wooden houses to a new level of quality, where modern ideas about comfort and beauty are combined with environmental friendliness and reliability.

In a house made of glued laminated timber, fresh air slowly penetrates through the wood fibers, getting rid of dust, heating up, saturated with phytoncides that remain in the structure of the tree for many years. And touching the warm and smooth surface of glued beams with your hand gives an unforgettable experience.

It is worth noting that when gluing the lamellas, they use environmentally friendly glue, which allows the wood to breathe and does not violate its beneficial properties. Glulam houses are especially good for people suffering from allergic reactions, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

The fresh smell of coniferous wood is not just another plus of a wooden house, which allows the owners to breathe with pleasure. The smell shows that the tree retains its naturalness. Does it smell like pine forest? This means that there was minimal processing of the timber – you get a healthy microclimate, all the advantages of a real wooden house.

Advantages of glued timber houses:

  • Phytoncides. In nature, these gaseous substances are released in coniferous forests. It is easy to breathe in a pine forest, in such places, as a rule, there are sanatoriums for the prevention and treatment of lung diseases. The owner of a wooden house does not receive a micro-portion of phytoncides during a walk – healing substances are constantly in the air.
  • Natural moisture. The optimal humidity parameters are 45-57%. It is this range that wooden walls support without installing additional equipment: they absorb excess moisture, give it away when there is a shortage. At the same time, the weather outside does not matter – the house has the same humidity in frost, heat, rainy and sunny days.
  • Natural pleasant smell. A person subconsciously feels a healthy atmosphere – if the house smells of pine needles, then the tree has undergone minimal processing. Living here will be safe and healthy.
  • Ventilation. With natural ventilation in a closed room of a wooden house, up to 30% of the air changes per day. The tree disinfects the air, preventing harmful substances from entering the house.

Healing aroma of coniferous trees

In the production of glued laminated timber, we use pine and spruce wood from the Vologda forests. Coniferous trees have a pleasant refreshing smell, thanks to the essential oils they contain.

  • Pine. Pine not only has a fresh aroma, but also an antibacterial property. Its antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral action helps to purify the air from pathogenic microorganisms. Regular inhalation of this fragrance can reduce fatigue, it will be very useful for the prevention of viral or bacterial infection in the off-season.
  • Spruce. Spruce is synonymous with purity and freshness. It has a deep, complex and rich aroma. It helps to dilate blood vessels and therefore perfectly relieves bronchospasm and lowers blood pressure. Spruce essential oils are used as an antidepressant. Also, the smell increases the function of the cardiovascular system, improves conductivity in the myocardium. Increases mental and physical performance.

A house made of glued laminated timber provides an excellent opportunity to preserve both the pleasant smell and the beneficial properties of wood. The main rule is to order such houses from a manufacturer who uses high-quality and safe finishing materials.