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8 february 2022 at 13:51

Advantages of Russian lumber

The competitiveness of a product is determined mainly by its quality and price. And these are the main advantages of Russian lumber. Let's figure out why lumber (and also timber) is more profitable to buy in Russia.

Vast forests

Russia has about 20% of the world's forest reserves, and 50% of them are northern conifers. That is why the cost of Russian raw materials is much lower than in other countries. Russia, having huge reserves of wood resources, is today one of the leaders in the field of world timber exports – about 5% of the global amount.
The stable leader in the export of coniferous lumber is the North-Western Federal District (where Babaevsky woodworking plant is located). According to experts, in 2020, the volume of exports amounted to 50,807 thousand US dollars, which is almost 43% of the total amount of exported coniferous lumber from Russia.

High-quality raw materials

Coniferous lumber is most in demand on the world markets. The quality of coniferous wood in the North-Western region is at a high level, because here, as in the Scandinavian countries, slow-growing trees predominate. This is one of the main reasons for the rather high competitiveness of Russian lumber in the world.

Low cost of production

This is due to its own raw materials and cheaper labor. The cost of labor at Russian enterprises remains noticeably lower than in Europe.
Also, the cost of processed wood depends on a large number of factors: the location of the site and the cut, the humidity level, the type of timber.

Quality control of finished products

The products are manufactured on modern high-precision equipment. Constant technical supervision is carried out at every stage of production. Full quality control of the sawmill and its sorting is carried out using automation and modern measurement systems. All this allows not only to exclude defects, but also to adjust the accounting of raw materials in the warehouse according to its breed composition, size and quality.

Terms of delivery to the consumer

Lumber supplies are carried out to any country in the world according to the terms of the international Incoterms rules.
In 2020, Russian-made lumber was actively purchased by EU countries: Estonia, Finland and Germany. Exports to these countries increased by 49% compared to 2019. Sales to the CIS countries also increased.
Analysts in 2021 predict an increase in global lumber consumption by 7%, i.e. by 22 million cubic meters. This is facilitated by a favorable demographic situation. For example, in North America, now a significant part of the population is at the age when it is profitable to purchase housing.
The export of Russian lumber by 2030, according to the basic scenario of the development of the Russian forest complex, can grow by 51% and amount to 44,773 thousand cubic meters.