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9 june 2021 at 19:44

Structural glued laminated timber. Maximum benefits in wooden house building.

Comparing glued laminated timber with its main competitor – profiled timber, there is a number of clear advantages: glulam houses are stronger, more reliable, more durable and less fire-dangerous. If a spark gets on the glulam timber, the fire won’t start immediately or won’t start at all. The length of lamellas for glulam timber is up to 14m, but the maximum length of the profiled timber is only 6m, which gives more freedom to the designers choosing the sizes. External lamellas of the beam actually don’t have any natural disadvantages as while sorting the boards the ones which almost don’t have any knots, cracks and other defects are selected. While building a glulam house the shrinkage doesn’t occur and the houses from this material are constructed faster and you can use the house just after its construction. This is one of the most important advantages over the profiled timber and over the chopped and rounded logs. Tight connection of logs helps to avoid the «cold bridge» and you won’t have to waste your money and energy for extra insulation of the house. Comparing glulam houses with the frame houses, the price of the second ones is lower, but while building a glulam house you can save on interior works, because such houses don’t need them. The quality of glulam houses and their reliability is higher compared with their competitor.