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8 june 2021 at 19:44

Types of profiles and sections in the production of glued laminated timber

Our production line allows us to produce standard profiles and sections of timber as well as individual sizes and profiles. There are 4 types of profiles in a standard set: a profile with 2 spikes (for heat insulation), 2 types of Finnish profile with 3 and 4 spikes and a German profile with a lot of spikes. While cutting the grooves in a standard profile a cavity for insulation tape is made. There are the following types of sections: from 80mm to 200mm – single gluing and 245mm – double gluing. 80mm, 120mm wide timber is perfect for saunas and for summer guest houses. Timber from 160mm and more – for year round living houses. Standard timber heights: 135mm and 185mm.